Who We Are
& What We Do

Whether you own a collection of classic cars, a luxury vehicle, an RV, boats and personal watercraft, motorcycles or ATV’s and 4x4s, Red Hawk Garage Suites was established for you.

Operated by Red Hawk Development Corporation, we offer customizable Garage Suites to enthusiasts from Paradise Valley to Scottsdale, from North Phoenix to the West Valley.  Unlike some other Garage Suite providers, you don’t rent from us.  Instead, you purchase your very own Garage Suite.  It’s an investment in commercial real estate.

Red Hawk Garage Suites Offers You A Place To Call Your Own

Red Hawk Garage Suites aren’t like traditional spaces for rent or lease – that’s why there’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to customizing your Garage Suite and making it your own.  Rental facilities often lack the amenities you want. Red Hawk Garage Suites offers a lifestyle.

When you buy a Garage Suite from us, you’re making an investment and you can build equity in your Garage Suite and resell it just like you would any other piece of investment real estate.

Why throw money away every month and rent a subpar garage space when you can make a long-term investment and get the Garage Suite you’ve always desired?

At Red Hawk Garage Suites, your Garage Suite is yours and yours alone.  You’re the only one with access to your toys and you can customize your Garage Suite however you want with the help of our contractors and architects – or those of your choosing.

With our individual, customizable Garage Suites, you can build your dream getaway, install a customized workshop or equip your suite with a few vehicle lifts to store your collection of classic cars or off-road vehicles.  With unlimited customization opportunities including HVAC, mezzanine levels, bathrooms with showers and custom cabinetry, you’ll have the Garage Suite you’ve always desired.

Not only that, but you’ll also get access to our on-site Members’ Club Room, as well as common facilities for RV’s, a car wash with treated water and so much more – all protected by controlled access and 24/7 camera-monitored security.

Your Passion – Your Garage Suite – Your Way!
  • Red Hawk Garage Suites exists because you deserve your own private retreat and getaway to store your car collection, your RV, or to relax and meet like-minded enthusiasts.
  • If you’re short on garage space, have issues with your HOA or can’t build your dream garage on your property for any other reason, Red Hawk Garage Suites is here for you.

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