Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy a Red Hawk Garage Suite?

Because it is an investment that’s cheaper than renting; you can even make money!

To show you how, let’s assume the following:

  • You rent a 14’x40′ RV parking or garage storage space.  That is 560 square feet total;

  • Assume Rent is $500 per month, which is 89.3 cents per square foot per month;

  • Assume you rent the storage space for 15 years; that’s 180 months;

  • Assume the rent increases 2.5% per year.

Under this scenario, you would pay a total of $109,079 for your storage space over the 15 years you rented it.  That’s equivalent to paying $195 per square foot ($109,079 total cost/560 square feet = $195 total cost per square foot), and you never get that money back…it is gone forever!

What if you purchased a Red Hawk Garage Suite instead?  Today, at Red Hawk Garage Suites, you would OWN:
  • A spacious, fully enclosed, fully secure, fully customizable private Garage Suite;

  • 24/7 secured access to the private Members’ Club House;

  • Options to customize your garage suite your way with HVAC, an office, workshop, mezzanine, man cave, wash sink, bathroom, shower, painted floor, you name it…the customization options are limited only by your imagination!

And, after 2, 5, 10 or 15 years, or however long, you still own your Garage Suite.  It is a commercial real estate investment with real value that you can use forever, rent out for extra income, sell or leave for your kids.

In today’s crazy environment, why would you ever rent a public parking or storage space when you can own a Red Hawk Garage Suite…especially when owning is really an investment that comes with so many other benefits?

Association Budget & Annual Dues

RHGS-DV Owners’ Association Budget Estimate
Common Area Costs Annually Per Suite
Insurance $12,000 $255
Common Electric $3,000 $64
Common Water $2,400 $51
Street Sweeping $1,350 $29
Janitorial & Trash Removal $3,000 $64
Landscape Maintenance $3,000 $64
Association Management $7,200 $153
Reserves $5,000 $106
Total Common Area Maintenance $36,950 $786


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