At Red Hawk Garage Suites, we’re all about doing things your way which is why all of our Garage Suites are fully customizable.  Once you purchase a Garage Suite from us, you can upgrade it with all the amenities you desire…your imagination is the only limit!

Want a man cave getaway with wall-to-wall TVs?  You can do that.  Want an engine lift and welding tools for working on your vintage Mustang?  You can do that too.  Interested in a built-in bathroom and a mezzanine to give yourself even more room to relax?  We’ve got you covered.

All Red Hawk Garage Suites Come With Functional Amenities:

  • 120V receptacles and a 50-amp RV outlet;
  • Energy-efficient LED fixtures;
  • Wiring for cable, high-speed fiber Internet and security;
  • Powered 14’x14′ electric garage door;
  • Fully-insulated, energy-efficient demising walls and ceilings;

  • 24/7 access and camera-monitored security.

Whether you need to stash a collector car, store a few jet skis during the off-season or just want a place of your own where you can rest and relax, you’ll get everything you need at Red Hawk Garage Suites.  But these amenities are just the beginning!

Additional Customizations Available – Make It Your Own

The best part about having your own Garage Suite is making it your own – and at Red Hawk Garage Suites, that’s our goal for each and every one of our customers.  We want to give you a place where you truly feel at home – and can rest, relax and enjoy your favorite passions.

When we say that Red Hawk Garage Suites offers Your Garage Suite, Your Way, we mean it!  When it comes to additional customizations, your imagination is your only limit! Here are some examples:

  • Epoxy floors for a beautiful, durable finish;
  • Standard or customized cabinetry;
  • HVAC for a more comfortable garage suite;
  • Mezzanine for your man cave or additional utility space;
  • Lifts to store more vehicles;
  • Bathrooms with optional showers;
  • Individually monitored security services.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit At Red Hawk Garage Suites
  • Because you own your own Garage Suite, this means you can customize  it however you want.  Whether you choose our in-house team to help, hire a contractor or go the DIY route, you’ll always be able to customize and change your Garage Suite to suit your needs – and make your dream garage a reality.

  • When you buy a Garage Suite at Red Hawk Garage Suites, you will own your own slice of commercial real estate.

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